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We use our Agency Pilot Program (APP) to test whether we are a good fit for you and how we can best work together. Our approach is designed to assess your case volume, explore solutions, time, budget constraints, develop benchmarks, and streamline processes for our partnership with you. Using our proven business process outsourcing model, we identify whether a strategy will work for you before we implement it, decreasing your financial exposure to maximize your savings.

The key to successful implementation is testing, refinement, and constant improvement. Our pilot program lets us work with you to develop a custom-tailored dispute resolution strategy before you commit to a ‘different’ undertaking. Once we’ve proven how APP can impact your return on investment, we can structure and build out a comprehensive program to meet your budget, immediately settle cases, and free up cash.

Test-Drive Our Services—

Streamline Settle (fixed-fee model)

This proprietary approach was custom-built for corporations that are dissatisfied with the traditional cost and speed of resolving litigation. Using this simplified, risk-free, and fixed-fee approach, corporations are able to unlock shareholder value, free up cash and increase stock price.

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Mediations & Arbitrations

We work with many lawyers, law firms, and legal departments, in strategizing the best approach to then successfully convene, mediate and/or arbitrate their cases to resolution. Each relationship is unique and requires delicate attention. Our pilot program grants us the opportunity to “get to know one another” and for you to see us in action. We’re eager to settle cases, so let’s get started today!

In a limited amount of time you will have the opportunity to gauge our services, meet our neutrals, experience our case management efficiency, and benefit from immediate settlement results. We are confident it will lead to a long-term relationship that will greatly benefit your legal strategies.

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