Agency for Dispute Resolution neutral Jeff Benz named as elite Fellow of the College of Commercial Arbitrators

Beverly Hills, California - April 21st, 2014.

Agency for Dispute Resolution neutral Jeff Benz has been named a Fellow of the College of Commercial Arbitrators, joining fellow Agency for Dispute Resolution neutrals Eric Van Ginkel, Laura Kaster, and Gary McGowan.

The College of Commercial Arbitrators is an invitation-only fellowship comprised of elite and experienced commercial arbitrators from around the United States with experience in resolving commercial and international arbitration disputes.

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Agency for Dispute Resolution Neutral, Terri Lubaroff to Speak on "Ethics in Mediation" Program at Santa Monica Bar Association

Beverly Hills, California - January 27th, 2014.

Following the positive reception of the October 2013 panel discussion on the future of mediation in the absence of a court-mandated ADR program, on Tuesday evening, January 28th, the Santa Monica Bar Association (SMBA) in collaboration with the Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA) is hosting a panel of respected mediators from ADR Services, Agency for Dispute Resolution, CEDRS, Judicate West and PMA, as well as an independent neutral, to discuss:

  • The State of Mediation Today
  • Finding the Right Mediator
  • How to Initiate Mediation Without Compromising Your Leverage
  • The Timing of Mediation
  • Keys to Selecting the Best Mediator For Your Case
  • Preparing Your Clients for the Mediation Process
  • Confidentiality and Ethical Considerations in Mediation

Full-time neutral and rising star, Terri Lubaroff, will represent the Agency for Dispute Resolution and present on how lawyers can best prepare their clients and case for mediation.

Agency for Dispute Resolution is a nationwide provider of alternative dispute resolution services to law firms, legal departments, and individuals with seemingly intractable conflicts. As the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC)’s exclusive provider of mediation and arbitration services as well as professional skills training, the Agency empowers counsel and clients with innovative solutions to resolve conflict efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our celebrated panel of neutrals includes trained mediators, superior arbitrators, former top-tier judges, senior attorneys, skilled peacemakers and creative problem-solvers that possess unique expertise in a broad range of practice areas.

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