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Streamline Settle

Simplified. Risk-Free. FIxed-Fee.

Convening and administering a mediation often takes longer than attending one. Streamline Settle simplifies the process – they handle the time-consuming details, and all you have to do is prepare for settlement discussions and show up. It’s that easy."

Terri Lubaroff, Esq.
Lubaroff Mediation

Marketing and innovation make money – everything else is a cost. By quickly and confidentially removing cases from internal dockets, Streamline Settle frees up cash from corporate balance sheets so companies can better focus on their core competencies."

Richard Young, Esq.
Coventry Business Consulting

Streamline Settle provides companies with a creative way to save time and money, by helping to settle dormant cases – right now, and for the right price. As an alternative to constraining assumptions and traditional approaches, it’s a compelling solution to resolving corporate disputes.”

Joel Fishman, Esq.
Gladstone Michel Weisberg Willner
& Sloane ALC

Streamline Settle is the management tool for in-house counsel at the forefront of dispute resolution. Resolving disputes with both confidentiality and a greater certainty of the economic costs, Streamline Settle offers immediate results as well as continuous benefit to the organization as a whole.”

J. Carlton Sims, Esq.
Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles